Dr. Susan Banez, MD

Susan Banez.jpg

Dr. Susan Banez is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with over 14 years of medical experience. As an anesthesiologist with advanced training in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Banez has gathered extensive experience in cosmetic techniques and their outcomes and this has allowed her to achieve certification by the Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She has developed a passion to make patients look and feel great about themselves while utilizing safe, non-surgical aesthetic medicine and wellness therapies. As an anesthesiologist, she understands the importance of providing patients with a relaxed, comfortable, anxiety free environment with minimal pain and discomfort during the procedures. Dr. Susan Banez performs procedures in a private, spa-like setting and is committed to ensuring each patient receives personalized evaluations and unique treatment plans that are based on patients’ individual health needs. She believes that a healthy, trusting relationship between doctor and patient is just as important as the outcome of the procedure. éclatantMD Aesthetics offers a wide range of services to enhance your natural beauty, preserve healthy skin and prevent premature aging.

Susan is a mom of two and her office is located in Needham, MA.