Gold Microinfusion Facial


Microinfusion uses microchannels to improve skin texture, tone, and elasticity. The tiny needles help delivers small amounts of serum just under the dermis at a uniform depth. The serum is completely customized to your concerns. Some examples include Botox to decrease sebum production, hyaluronic acid fillers to plump up dehydrated skin, antioxidants to protect the dermal layers, and even growth factors to promote cellular growth. This no-downtime facial is perfect for red-carpet events or weddings.


The needles penetrate at a precise depth of 600 micrometers, thinner than a human hair. Each needle is hollow, and the tool has a chamber designed to be filled with a concoction of skin-boosting ingredients. Unlike dermal rollers, a stamping technique ensures consistent penetration. Because the treatment is completely individualized, you are able to choose the exact skin concerns you want to address.


Your appointment will begin with a discussion of what skin issues you want to work on. After cleansing the skin, we’ll mix your special cocktail. Gold Microinfusion Facial is administered by stamping the skin, and we will cover the entire treatment area multiple times, concentrating on stubborn areas. You’ll feel a mild pressing sensation that may be accentuated over bony prominences, but for the most part, the facial is non-painful and can even be soothing. Overall treatment takes about 30-45 minutes.


Results are immediate: expect to feel more hydrated, plumper, and tighter. Because there is no downtime, the post-procedure glow makes it an ideal facial prior to any big event. We typically offer 3-4 treatments spaced three to four weeks apart and then maintain with quarterly microinfusion facials. Your individual plan may be a single series or combination of different treatments, and the frequency will depend on the nature of your skin and expectations.

We recommend adjunctive therapy, such as a skin regimen, at-home LED devices, vitamins, wellness, and nutritional therapy to maintain best results.

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